Elevate Your Self, Elevate Your Brand

Your brand isn’t just a pallet of beautiful colors and a smashing logo. Your brand is YOU in pixels. 

It’s time to discover your inner CEO and define your true brand.


Before you take a single photo or post even one more Instagram pic, you need a brand plan that is perfectly aligned with your business goals and your personality.

And before you can build that brand plan, you need to know your brand's identity – aka, YOU!  Over the years, I’ve worked with women all over Canada and the US and I often hear the same thing from these brilliant female entrepreneurs: 

“I don’t fully know myself.”
“I’m afraid to be seen.”
“I have doubts about my abilities and my business.”
“I don’t know how I’m going to stand out from the competition.”


It takes courage, tenacity, and a relentless hunger for success to build a brand and put yourself out there.

That starts with digging deep, uncovering the hidden gems beneath years of life experience, struggle, and hardship, and polishing those special parts of you to share with the world. 

Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it takes bravery. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at key breakthroughs along the way. But it’s also exhilarating, life-affirming, and a beautiful process of re-inventing your truest self. 

Don’t worry: 

I’m here to make sure this process is as easy and FUN as possible while we work together to discover YOU and build your brand from within.  

Being a business owner isn’t for wussies.


In the Brand Elevation, we help you understand yourself, what you stand for, and the incredible value you add to the world. You’ll get crystal clear on your identity as a business owner + a brand. 


The Brand Elevation package will set you up for success by teasing out key nuances of your brand personality, audience fit, and market opportunities so every step you take in your business hereafter generates maximum forward momentum for your brand. 


We start with a two-hour Brand Snatch in which we’ll dive deep into self-discovery, personal empowerment, and defining your true personal identity before we expand to your brand.


Session, including:
+ Mood Board
+ Style Direction

Brand Essence, including:
+ Offer Refinement 
+ Brand Message Positioning
+ Essential Ready-to-Use Brand Copywriting

Brand Creative Guide including:
+ Unique Logo
+ Color Palettes
+ Fonts
+ Example Imagery

Follow-up Launch Call + Implementation Plan